I Musici de Montréal Chamber Orchestra’s Board of Directors is looking for rigorous and dynamic candidates who are also passionate about the Orchestra’s mission, to fill positions as directors.

| Mission of the board of directors |

The mission of I Musici de Montréal Chamber Orchestra’s board of directors includes several areas of governance :

  • Defining the mission and vision for the future of the Orchestra;
  • Approving and following up on the defined objectives for the future of the Orchestra and related annual action plans;
  • Approving and monitoring annual budgets and financial statements as well as their compliance with generally accepted audit rules in Canada;
  • Monitoring of internal control procedures; 
  • Assessing and managing the significant risks faced by the Orchestra;
  • Approving human resources and internal communications policies required to ensure a harmonious and non-discriminatory environment;
  • Developing a multi-year multi-target strategy for private and public funding to ensure the sustainability of the activities of the Orchestra;
  • Approving a communication and marketing strategy;
  • Evaluating annually the performance of management and of the artistic director.

| Requirements |

To complement the various skills of current directors, the Board is looking for interested candidates presenting the following skills :

  • Soft Skills:
    • Integrity;
    • Commitment and availability, which includes a known interest for music and performing arts, music education for youth and mature publics as well as inclusion and diversity within artistic programs; 
    • Availability to attend to and participate in annual fundraising campaigns and events.
  • Special Skills
    • Accounting training/working with a major accounting firm/company;
    • Legal training/working with a large law firm/company;
    • Managerial or other influential position within a company;
    • Interest and/or experience in the democratization and accessibility of the arts, including classical music, to publics of various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds;
    • Ability to work constructively and inclusively in a team environment;
  • Since the funding of the Orchestra’s activities is based on private and business partners, it is important that directors be able to influence the decisions of their business environment with respect to their financial investments as regards the social needs of our targeted publics and generally to the well-being of our society through the magic of music.

| Terms |

  • This is a volunteer position;
  • Several positions are open to various candidates as described above;
  • The initial tenure shall be for a two-year term which may be renewed twice;
  • The board and committees normally meet four to six times a year either in person or virtually, depending on circumstances. 
  • The audit committee normally meets four times a year;
  • Other committees will be reactivated as required;
  • Consideration is being given to completing this recruitment by May 1, 2023. 

Applicants are asked to submit their resume by March 1, 2023 to:

E-mail : Lvchatillon@aol.com

Only those selected for interviews will be contacted before March 15, 2023.