Enchanted Music at the McCord Museum

Enchanted Music at the McCord Museum


Every year since 2017, I Musici has brought Ogilvy’s holiday windows to life through an educational concert in the J.A Bombardier Theatre at the McCord Museum. As part of a winter program, children join the musicians in front of the reconstructed window displays and delight their parents by making music with water whistles, drums and rattles under the conductor’s baton. A perfect occasion for families to celebrate the holidays together!


Montrealers have been spellbound by Ogilvy’s mechanical displays every holiday season since 1947. Custom-designed by German toy manufacturer Steiff, the Bavarian scenes feature a multitude of handcrafted animals coming to life. Similar to those of other department stores around the world, such as Macy’s in New York and Galeries Lafayette in Paris, these windows are among the last of their kind in North America.

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