Joshua Roman and Tavener: Imagination and Rapture

Published on: March 27th, 2018

Joshua Roman 1

Jean-Marie Zeitouni

J. Bilodeau 2, premiere
I. Stravinski, Apollon musagète
J. Tavener, The Protecting Veil

I Musici doubles its forces by associating itself with the charismatic American cellist Joshua Roman, during this concert that moves from the secular to the sacred. Apollo, Leader of the Muses, a neo-classical work by Igor Stravinsky, gives pride of place to 34 string musicians. The orchestra embraces the return of composer Julien Bilodeau who was commissioned to create a new work for I Musici de Montréal. To bring everything to a stirring conclusion, The Protecting Veil by British composer John Tavener, a cornerstone work for cello and strings, reinterprets themes from Russian Orthodox liturgy in a rich and diverse musical language. An exceptional concert that’s eminently accessible and certainly not to be missed!