Haydn: Day and night

Jean-Marie Zeitouni and I Musici de Montréal are thrilled to invite you to the fourth concert of their I Grandi Concerti series, Haydn: Day and Night. This concert event will be held on Tuesday, April 30 at 8 p.m. in Bourgie Hall of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

A composer of the First Viennese School, Joseph Haydn was an important figure in the evolution of symphonic style. Often nicknamed “father of the symphony,” his influence and orchestral compositions inspired his contemporaries Mozart and Beethoven. Indeed, Haydn is credited with establishing the symphonic form, known as classical, in four movements: a lively first movement, a slow second, a third in the style of a minuet and a fast finale.

Jean-Marie Zeitouni will present Haydn’s famous trilogy of symphonies “Le matin,” “Le midi” and “Le soir.” The cycle is regarded by several musicologists as the great composer’s first masterpiece. These early works coincide with Haydn’s entry into the service of Prince Esterházy at the age of 29.

The trilogy stands out as an exemplary bridge between the Baroque and Classical periods. The frequent use of solo instrumentalists recalls the concerto grosso, a form that was very popular in the Baroque period. It is believed this form was chosen to highlight the instrumental techniques of musicians newly employed by Nicholas I, Joseph Esterházy.

As a postlude to these symphonies depicting the times of day, the Musici will
present an arrangement of La Musica Notturna delle strade di Madrid by Luigi Boccherini, originally for string quintet with two cellos. Composed several years after Haydn’s symphonies, this work also represents the genre known as program music, descriptive music that can evoke a narrative. The chamber orchestra takes the audience on a journey that ends in the streets of Madrid.

Strings and woodwinds will show off their virtuosity during a unique concert that appeals to the imagination with inventiveness, humour and genius— an event not to be missed!


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