The talent of young artists thanks to the “I Musici Challenge”

Even though the global pandemic has slowed down everyone’s activities, the Orchestra has always aimed to keep music more alive than ever. Among some actions related to its mission, I Musici has created the “I MUSICI CHALLENGE” appealing to young artists attending a primary, secondary or college level educational institution. The competition offered a video interpretation of a free-choice piece, with or without accompaniment, ranging from two to eight minutes in length.

“In the life of a musician, it is so important to establish a discipline of rehearsals in his daily life. Like an athlete, music is muscle. This is how the best musicians stand out. With the “I MUSICI CHALLENGE”, we inspired several young people to reconnect with their instrument and polish their talent. » Underlines chef Jean-Marie Zeitouni.

More than 150 young people answered the call. Through a jury composed of the musicians of the Orchestra, we are therefore very happy and very proud to present the artists who have won the honors. It’s about :


In the “Piccoli” category (toddlers)
  • Élisabeth Cabaret (cello)
  • Kim Carrier (violin)
  • Selena Yu (Guzheng)
  • Louis-Jacob Chandonnet (harp)
  • Ren Karlicek (violin)

Link to discover them.

In the 4th, 5th and 6th year “Primary School” category:
  • Cyrille Dudan (trumpet)
  • Philippe Cabaret (cello)
  • Avital Lacroix (violin)
  • Marie-Ange Lebel (guitar)
  • Matthias Sutton (clarinet)
  • Auralie Deschodt (harp)

Link to discover them.

In the “Secondary School” category:
  • Chloé Toutant (violin)
  • Jianyue Zhang (violin)
  • Nicholas Vasilakopoulos-Kostopoulos (violin)
  • Levon Markosyan (cello)
  • Yiding Guo (violon)

Link to discover them.

In the “CEGEP” category:
  • Nikki Arsenault (flute)
  • Sofia Morao (viola)
  • Thomas Larichelière-Banken (cello)
  • Daniel Benedetti (accordion)

Link to discover them.


This challenge will allow these young artists to perform in concert on the same stage as I Musici. At the events, a high-quality recording will be produced for each guest soloist to receive a copy. Depending on the evolution of the current context of the pandemic, a school tour could see the day when each of the winners would be required to participate.

L’Orchestre de chambre I Musici de Montréal

Fondé en 1983 par Yuli Turovsky, l’Orchestre de chambre I Musici de Montréal est composé de 15 musiciens d’exception, dont le répertoire varié s’étend du 17e siècle à aujourd’hui. Jean-
Marie Zeitouni, chef d’orchestre et artiste visionnaire, en est le directeur artistique depuis 2011. I Musici de Montréal interprète et fait la promotion d’une programmation originale misant sur la
découverte, la tradition et l’innovation en musique classique.



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