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Why give

All in unison, let’s support our orchestra not only for its unique sound, but also for its generous music makers.


Louise Vaillancourt – Donor and Patron of the Giving Campaing

Invested Educators



through the educational programs and the teaching in private by our musicians.

A strong social impact


hours of volunteering

by musicians to humatarian, social
and environmental works

Did you know?

Musici de Montréal’s public and earned revenues (ticket and concert sales) cover only a portion of our costs. Our reach depends on your support and your donations.

  • Gifts and sponsorhips

  • Public funding

  • Tickets and concert sales

Your privileges

I Musici de Montréal is pleased to acknowledge your commitment and support. To show our appreciation, we offer our donors various types of benefits throughout the 2019-2020 season.

Major giving – Aditionnal tax credits

Because the government recognizes the essential role of cultural philanthropy in the development and reputation of Quebec culture both here and abroad, it has set out to establish conditions that encourage Quebecers to give more to arts and culture. As of July 3, 2013, the following new tax credits have been rolled out :


  • An additional tax credit of 25% for a first major cultural donation ($5,000 to $25,000) ;
  • A tax credit of 30% for donations of $250,000 or more (remitted over a maximum period of 10 years).


Pierre-Marie Audard, Manager, Philanthropic development and Partnerships

514-982-6037 Ext. 225