I Musici de Montréal | Photo : Julia Marois 

GERMANY: The Essence of
I Musici

February 2, 2023
7:30 p.m.


conducted by
Jean-François Rivest

I Musici solo quartet

± 80 minutes
with intermission

This program is sure to leave you spellbound! We have amplified Brahms’s famous String Sextet in E-flat major for the entire string orchestra, dividing the orchestra into six sections with an additional double bass—as Mahler did in his arrangement of Schubert’s Death and the Maiden quartet and Schoenberg in Transfigured Night. Beethoven’s legendary Fifth Symphony was reduced to strings, whereas the front row quartet has taken on the place and role of the wind instruments. This concert embodies passion, lyricism, spirit, and energy—the founding I Musici de Montréal characteristics that will literally be amplified and multiplied through these new arrangements.  

Thursday, February 2, 2023
7:30 p.m.

Pierre-Mercure Hall of the Pierre-Péladeau Centre


For tickets with social distancing, call 514 987-6919


February 9 to 19, 2023


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String Sextet No. 1
Duration: approx. 33 minutes


Symphony No. 5
Duration: approx. 35 minutes

Julie Triquet plays a Giuseppe Odoardi 1726 violin generously loaned by Mr. David B. Sela.
Amélie Benoit Bastien plays a Nicolas Vuillaume 1850 violin and a bow by Sartory generously loaned by CANIMEX.
Annie Guénette plays a Joseph Gagliano 1768 violin and a bow by Lamy generously loaned by CANIMEX.
Tim Halliday plays a Mira Gruszowand Gideon Baumblatt’s Kolia cello (2014), generously loaned by Mr. David B. Sela
Marieve Bock plays a Maucotel Paris cello (1849), generously loaned by CANIMEX.