I Musici Challenge 2021 | Photo : Livetoune


I Musici de Montréal invites young  musicians, based in Quebec and aged 5 to 25, to challenge themselves, regardless of their instrument.

Our musicians know how much hard work learning a musical instrument entails. The I Musici Challenge is an invitation to surpass yourself by sharing, on the web, an excerpt or an entire musical piece of which you are particularly proud and symbolizes your perseverance and your passion for music.

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2022 Edition

Who is the i musici challenge for?

  • Young people based in Quebec, aged 5 to 25, who practices a classical music instrument
    • Soloists of any instrument (with or without accompaniment)
    • String ensembles up to 4 people
  • For participants under the age of 18, parental consent is required.

How to participate?

  1. Fill our the application form.
  2. Record a short video of yourself while performing a piece (or an excerpt) and demonstrating your perseverance in learning your instrument. Your video must contain:

    An introduction (1 minute)
    Introduce yourself (first name, last name and age)

    Quickly introduce the piece or excerpt you are going to play.

    Explain why this piece represents your perseverance and surpassing yourself in learning your instrument.

    Share advice for a person who would like to start or keep persevering the learning of an instrument.

    Interpretation of the piece or excerpt (8 minutes maximum)

  3. Send your video via WeTransfer at programmation@imusici.com

I you wish, share your video on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #music #defiimusici and #defiimusici2022 .

When is the deadline?

We must receive the application form and video by May 1, 2022.

Le DÉFI I Musici, ça donne quoi en retour?

All participants

    • Will take part of a virtual community committed to promoting classical music and celebrating perseverance.
    • Will be registered in Friends of I Musici, a select group that receives exclusive promotions during our regular season.

Our musicians favourites

    • Will receive complimentary tickets for the next season
    • Some will be invited to play in an I Musici concert.

Tips for the best video

  • Landscape format (horizontal) is preferable.
  • A window is a beautiful source of natural light. Try positioning it to the right or left of the musician
  • No tripod? Here are some ideas to stabilize your plan. 

Additional information

Samuel Pignedoli, Administration, Mediation and Diffusion Manager programmation@imusici.com 514-987-6181

Application form


Memories of the 2021 Edition