Marisol de Santis | Photo: Leda & St. Jacques

A Word from the Executive Director

I Musici de Montréal will take you on a long journey this season, exploring real and imaginary lands. I am extremely pleased to invite you to eight unique and original concerts passionately and lovingly conceived by our conductor and artistic advisor Jean-François Rivest and the musicians committee.  

I Musici de Montréal is a small-scale and tightly knit ensemble, both on stage and in everyday life. This season, the I Musici family will welcome three new musicians who you will have the opportunity to get to know better throughout our concert series: violinist Hubert Brizard and violists Elvira Misbakhova and Thierry Lavoie-Ladouceur. I would like to mention the retirement in June of our dearest violist and music librarian Anne Beaudry who was a cornerstone in the orchestra’s history and gave so much over the years. So many words can express the deep appreciation orchestra members had for her involvement.  

I would also like to warmly thank Le Groupe Maurice that has become our season partner this year, as well as numerous foundations that enable our musicians to undertake inspiring projects in our communities to foster access to music for everyone, from long-term care facilities for seniors to hospitals and low-income housing facilities in the Greater Montréal area.  

This year, I Musici will once again display its versatility, liveliness, and sense of community involvement by way of numerous initiatives that all deserve to be highlighted. As part of a special performance, I am especially pleased to announce our First Nations concert featuring the selections of Caroline Monnet, a well-known visual artist. Part of the funds collected will go to the Kiuna Institution, a college offering postsecondary education to First Nations youth.  

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our public, private, and service partners, our board members for their involvement, our conductor for his great generosity, our musicians for their infectious enthusiasm, our small yet versatile I Musici team, our faithful volunteers who are always hard at work, and above all, you, our dear audience, for joining us and being part of I Musici de Montréal’s palpable experience. 

I hope you’ll have amazing musical journeys that will leave you with indelible memories in your mind. 

Have a great season!  

Marisol de Santis