Marisol de Santis | Photo: Leda & St. Jacques

A Word from the Executive Director

We are really proud, excited, and full of hope as we invite you once again to the concert hall for the 2021–2022 season. We have a number of good reasons to celebrate this year. In addition to presenting in-person concerts, the orchestra will highlight three key moments: Jean-François Rivest, our new principal guest conductor and artistic advisor for the season, who will appeal to audiences with his energy, charisma, and accessibility; our first season in residence at Salle Pierre-Mercure in Centre Pierre-Péladeau; and our new image.

Enjoy this exceptional moment with I Musici de Montréal as we burst with new energy. Our musicians are continually mindful of present-day realities, not only being actively involved in Montréal’s diverse communities but also drawing closer to audiences that are continually curious, revitalized, and in search of novel and mixed artistic experiences.

I Musici de Montréal has brought the intimacy of chamber orchestras to audiences through performances combining accessibility and musical prowess. A wave of renewal has been felt among the orchestra; its full blast of energy will be impossible to miss.

We warmly thank our public partners and board members for their involvement, our musicians for their enormous talent, our small I Musici team full of passion and skill, and our excellent and valued collaborators.

I wish you a wonderful season. I am sure it will illustrate I Musici’s guiding principle of drawing you closer to the warmth and magic of music. The entire team is excited to present its bold season with you in the concert hall. This year, experience the orchestra’s accuracy and vibrancy—and get a little closer to the music.

Enjoy the season with us!

Marisol de Santis