Caroline Monnet | Photo : Ulysse del Drago

FIRST NATIONS: Caroline Monnet’s selections 

A portion of the funds collected will go to the Kiuna Institution.

October 20, 2022
7 p.m.

Virtual auction

Presented by

conducted by
Jean-François Rivest

Caroline Monnet, visual artist and filmmaker
Elisabeth St-Gelais, soprano
Julie Triquet, violin

± 75 minutes
without intermission

Caroline Monnet is an extremely sought-after visual artist and a renowned filmmaker with a sensitive and warm personality as well as a vibrant imagination. Influenced by a convergence of French and Anishinaabe backgrounds, Caroline truly embodies the humanity of modern culture. We have given her the opportunity to select works for this concert; through her musical selections and excerpts from her own movies, she will paint a captivating sonic and poetic landscape highly steeped in nature and seasons, two aspects that are part of Indigenous traditions. Throughout the evening, guided by Caroline Monnet, you will hear works by Britten, Brahms, Shostakovich, Walker and Pärt. You will also delight in a premiere by Navajo composer Raven Chacon. Raven won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize, making him the first Indigenous winner of this prestigious award.  

—    Jean-François Rivest

Agenda of the evening

6 p.m. | Opening of doors and reception of guests
7 p.m. | Concert starts
8:30 p.m. | Cocktail on the stage with appetizers and drinks (VIP tickets)

during the cocktail

  • Wine serving
  • Meeting with the artists
  • Music by Indigenous artists selected by Caroline Monnet
  • Caroline Monnet Online Art Auction (
  • Surprise artist

On the menu

Food service by Chef Swaneige, Aboriginal caterer

  • Labrador Tea Veggie Paté on Mini Bannock
  • Partridge patty and mustard on potato blini
  • Hand-picked wild mushrooms and smoked chanterelles
  • Quinoa tabbouleh
  • Butternut Squash Cracker with Tomato Tartare
  • Risotto balls with wild rice and squash
  • Surf & Turf with Seal Tartare
  • Rabbit tartlet, liver, parsnips and caramelized onions
  • Three Sister Salad
  • Maple syrup smoked fish and dried Nordic fruits on akutaq
  • Pumpkin and Chocolate Tartlet
    Chicory cake and jam
auction this way


Regular ticket: $80 
VIP Ticket including the cocktail: $200

The funds raised during this prestigious event will support the I Musici de Montréal chamber orchestra in its musical activities and cultural mediation in the community. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Kiuna Institution, a college studies centre dedicated to the education of Quebec Aboriginal people.

Thursday, October 20, 2022
7 p.m.

Pierre-Mercure Hall of the Pierre-Péladeau Centre

For tickets with social distancing, call 514 987-6919


Caroline Monnet | Photo : Ulysse del Drago

Caroline Monnet
Visual artist and filmmaker


Born to an Anishinaabe mother and a French father, Caroline Monnet​ is ​a multidisciplinary artist from Outaouais​ ​based in Montreal. After studying at the University of Ottawa and the University of Granada in Spain, she pursued a career in visual arts and film. Her work is regularly presented internationally​ and can also be found in prestigious museum, private and corporate collections.  Her practice is often minimalist yet emotionally charged. Monnet has become known for her work with industrial materials, combining the vocabulary of popular and traditional visual cultures with the tropes of modernist abstraction to create unique hybrid forms. She is represented by Blouin Division Gallery. 

Elisabeth St-Gelais | Photo: Eva Photographe

Elisabeth St-Gelais

Julie Triquet | Photo: Laurence Leclerc

Julie Triquet
Solo violin


Julie Triquet began her violin studies at the tender age of three under Claude Létourneau. She went on to study at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec and has since received three annual professional development grants from the Canada Council for the Arts to study under David Cerone and Aaron Rosand at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. While in Philadelphia, Julie Triquet received the coveted Sylva-Gelber Music Foundation Award presented by the Canada Council for the Arts. In 1982, Julie won first prize at the OSM Standard Life Competition. This award paved the way for subsequent appearances with the best orchestras in Quebec, with which Julie distinguished herself as a soloist. Further recognition of her exceptional talent and passion for chamber music came in 1988, when Julie was named first violin with the Arthur-Leblanc Quartet, then in residence at the Université de Moncton, New Brunswick. From 1993 to 1998, Julie served as co-solo violin with Les Violons du Roy of Québec City. In September 2012, she was appointed solo violin with the Orchestre de chambre I Musici de Montréal. Julie Triquet plays a Giuseppe Odoardi 1786 violin generously loaded by Mr. David B. Sela.



G. Walker                           
Lyric for string orchestra
Duration: approx. 5 minutes 30 secondes          

R. Wagner,                      
Wesendonck Lieder, (solo : Elisabeth St-Gelais, soprano)                         
No 1 : Der Engel
No 2 : Stehe Still
No 5 : Träume   
Duration: approx. 11 minutes 45 secondes 
Read the translation                                          

J. Brahms
Quatuor no 1
1st movement (Allegro) (arr… J.F. Rivest)    
Duration: approx. 8 minutes 20 secondes                          

B. Britten
Variations on a theme of Frank Bridge, 
Var. 7, moto perpetuo          
Var. 8, marche funèbre   
Duration: approx. 8 minutes 10 secondes              

D. Chostakovitch              
Chamber Symphony op. 110 a,
1st movement (Largo)                     
2nd movement (Allegro molto)   
Duration: approx. 4 minutes 30 secondes                         

R. Chacon                           
Ashdla’ creation (Request by I Musici de Montréal)       
Duration: approx. 6 minutes 10 secondes 

A. Pärt                                 
Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten             
Duration: approx. 6 minutes 30 secondes                                                                 

A. Pärt                                 
Fratres for violin, (solo : Julie Triquet, violin)                
Duration: approx. 11 minutes 30 secondes                                 

Julie Triquet plays on a Giuseppe Odoardi 1726 violin, generously loaned by Mr. David B. Sela. 
Christian Prévost plays on a Rafelle and Antonio Gagliano violin, Naples (ca.18xx) and a Jean Joseph Martin bow (ca.1880), kindly lent by CANIMEX.
Amélie Benoit Bastien plays a Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin, Paris, ca. 1845, number 1672, Stradivarius model and a Eugène Sartory bow, Paris, ca. 1935, courtesy of CANIMEX.  
Annie Guénette plays on a Josef Gagliano 1768 violin and a Lamy bow, generously loaned by CANIMEX. 
Tim Halliday plays the 2014 Kolia cello by Mira Gruszow and Gideon Baumblatt, generously on loan from Mr. David B. Sela.
Marieve Bock plays the Maucotel cello, Paris, 1849, courtesy of CANIMEX.